8B vs 8A bobbing for Apples

On Halloween October 31 Mrs.Durnin and Mr.Westra’s classes went on a head to head battle. We battled at F.E Madill High school, in the gym. We were battling against them in a apple bobbing duel the person in that duel to grab the most apples won. We did this to collect data for math project with graphs and a big paragraph and a spreadsheet to show how badly Mr.Westra and his class 8A lost!

I think class we (8B) did a great job we almost won all of our duels. We won 5 out of 7 battles, I think we won the battle against 8A and I got information to prove it. We 1st started out with using how many seconds it took to get your 1st apple.

So we started from 0-20 and we got 4 students and 8A got 3… Surprisingly we tied for 20-40 we tied at 2 each. The next category was 40-60 we lost that one they got 1 and we got 0, but thats good we got zero because thats a slow category. We used a great strategy we put our head under the apples and dragged them to the side of the container to get a better grip.

Then 8A got 1 student from 60-1.20 and 1.20-1.40 and we got no students in those groups because they were in the higher groups…. I made a graph to show how badly 8A lost and here you can see for yourself “The chart to show the 8B won”.” After we knew we won we went on to make sure you knew who won by making another chart on number of duels won.

We added up the number of apples captured in 1 minute and 8A got 12 and 8B got an amazing 28! Here is the graph to show how badly 8A lost! Chart #2 of how badly 8A lost. So overall the winner is us (8B) and no matter how you put it (8A) you did lose.



Idea Hive Here We Come!

The Idea Hive is a two classes that are working together we are 2700 kilometers away from each other. There is one class from Wingham, Ontario and one class from Snow Lake, Manitoba. So far we have done a common interest survey, to see what we have in common and what is different about us. We have also skyped with Snow Lake about our assignment. I’m super excited for this year, interacting with Snow Lake is going to be awesome. How do you think this will help us in our future jobs?

Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is that we have nicknames. Alexandra. H, Tayla, Madisyn, and Logan, my nickname is evilmonkey it was given to me by my friends from North Carolina. Something I have in common with only a few people from Snow Lake is Taelor. K, and Kassie and that is we all like Call Of Duty, I play Call Of Duty with my friends that went to Turnberry last year. Something that is unique about me is that I’m the only person on the survey that Battleship is my favorite movie.

The person who is most like me is Angle because we both have nicknames and our favorite tv show is Two And A Half Men. Angle also likes to hang out with friends when she’s not at school, just like me. Angle and I also both brush our teeth twice a day, so we now we have 4 things we have in common. What other fun things do you think we will do this year with the Idea Hive?




About Me

I’m a 8B Mustang at F.E. Madill.